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TheCityOfLoma LindaCalifornia

Successor Agency

The California Legislature eliminated redevelopment agencies by a measure enacted June 28, 2011. The Loma Linda Redevelopment Agency no longer exists. Dissolution of the former Redevelopment Agency is handled by the Successor Agency to the Loma Linda Redevelopment Agency.

The Successor Agency is governed by members of the City Council. The Successor Agency is to make payments of enforceable obligations as listed on a newly-created document called a Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule, or "ROPS." The ROPS, as well as other activities of the Successor Agency are subject to review by an oversight board and by the Department of Finance of the State of California. The Successor Agency conducts public meetings under the Brown Act

       2021-2022 ROPS Approved by the County Oversight Board
       2020-2021 ROPS Approved by the County Oversight Board
       2019-2020 ROPS Approved by the County Oversight Board

       2019-2020 ROPS
       2018-2019 ROPS
2017-2018 ROPS
2016-2017 ROPS
2015-2016B ROPS
2015-2016A ROPS
2014-2015B ROPS
2014-2015A ROPS
2013-2014B ROPS
2013-2014A ROPS
2012-2013B ROPS
2012-2013A ROPS